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România Liberâ - Romania | Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No alternative to missile defence shield

Romania is to be incorporated into the US American missile defence system by 2015, when it will station SM-3 missiles on its soil. The daily România Liberă writes that although this will cause the country's relations with Russia  - already strained after it joined Nato in 2004 - to further deteriorate, it is well worth it: "Even today Russia is no ally of Nato, among other things because it can't express itself diplomatically. Actually it shouldn't be upset that with the help of the US its neighbours are building a defence system, because they have no alternative. It's astonishing how much protest - allegedly diplomatic but in fact political - this has engendered in Russia. But back to us: the establishment of the missile system is an epochal event in Romanian history, one our forefathers could only dream of. Nevertheless one thing must be said: a missile defence shield doesn't protect you from attacks from within your own country, from local political manipulation ... or from the injustice of the judiciary. In other words, the Americans can give us the missile defence shield, but that's all."

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