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Kurier - Austria | Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Climate policy is mass murder

Two weeks before the World Climate Summit begins in Copenhagen the daily Kurier sees little chance of it being truly successful: "There are short and medium-term economic interests in play that put profit above everything else. Then there are politicians who are fond of making grandiloquent speeches but when it comes to the crunch turn all meek and mild and capitulate in the face of the powerful captains of industry and approaching elections. And then there's the all-pervasive (old Viennese) proverb according to which things won't get that bad - based on a few controversial studies. The consequence is a total standstill: So the climate conference in Copenhagen in December won't bring a breakthrough. And this is a true declaration of bankruptcy because the world has been preparing for this summit for four years now, and worse still, it is a slap in the face, especially for the coming generations. This attitude, which can be described as potential mass murder out of negligence, must be corrected as quickly as possible - but there's hardly any time left for that now."

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