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Die Welt - Germany | Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weak judgement a boon for Scientology

In a much awaited judgement a criminal court in Paris has found the Church of Scientology and several of its leading members guilty of organised fraud, ordering them to pay high fines. However the prosecutor's demand that the Church - classified as a sect in France - be disbanded is impossible for two reasons, writes the conservative daily Die Welt: "The legal reason: When a reform package on legal simplification was passed, a clause was struck from the law 'by accident' which would have made a ban possible. The social and political reason: Of course the court could have postponed its judgement until the missing clause was once more reintegrated into the law. But it seems that what was lacking was the will to do so. ... Although Scientology is demonstrably guilty of criminal misdeeds, the French justice system has not acted accordingly. Scientology can pay the fines from its petty cash and carry on with its activities that amount practically to dispossession. This is no great day for Justitia. Congratulations Scientology!"

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