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Népszabadság - Hungary | Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Social Democrats down for the count

The left-liberal daily Népszabadság comments on the SPD's bitter election defeat in Germany's federal elections: "After eleven years in government the German Social Democrats are demolished. Their miserable results in the election (23 percent) also mean that the gap between them and the Greens and the deep-red The Left party has narrowed dramatically. Not so long ago, back in 1998, the SPD was able to garner 41 percent of the vote as the leading force of the Left. … What has happened to the SPD now could already be observed in other European countries. The times when the socially disadvantaged were represented by a single big party are gone. And on top of that the SPD has faced competition from left-wing rivals twice within a short period of time. First the Greens lured away its voters and then The Left party did the same. The SPD has neither been able to find answers to the age of globalisation nor has it come to terms with the other left-wing parties. It seems to be facing a hopeless situation."

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