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Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | Thursday, April 16, 2009

Romania wants to facilitate access to dual passports for Moldovans

According to the Romanian authorities up to a million Moldovans have applied for a Romanian dual citizenship passports which would enable them to live in the EU. Now Romania wants to facilitate the procedure but in all probability without giving unrestricted access, the daily Evenimentul Zilei writes: "Certainly the authorities in Bucharest won't be granting Romanian citizenship in bulk, for such a strategy would meet with opposition from other EU states who in view of the economic crisis don't want to see the labour market flooded with ex-Moldovans. … The danger is also that no one remains in Chişinău to resist the communists' unlawful assumption of authority. The immediate consequence could be the strengthening of the authoritarian regime and the consolidation of Russia's position. Yet Romanian citizenship offers Romanians [in the Republic of Moldova] the prospect of economic prosperity within the EU. This, too, is an effective weapon in the battle against communism."

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