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Pravda - Slovakia | Friday, February 20, 2009

Withdrawal of driving licences for those who default on child support

Slovakians who default on their child support payments are to be punished with the withdrawal of their driving licences in future. The left-leaning daily Pravda comments: "The state is making short work of the issue with this measure. The police have been ordered to take away the licences of men who fail to pay child support. This is no doubt well intended and also logical. If someone has enough money for a car then why shouldn't he pay maintenance for his children. … But it's hard to see how they can monitor this. … Moreover it raises the question of what good it does the mothers to know that the father of their children has to get everywhere by foot – apart from perhaps a furtive sense of delight. … But at least the law will have one effect: it enables the government to convince voters that it wants to serve them well."

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