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Népszabadság - Hungary | Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nuclear energy won't bring independence

The left liberal daily Népszabadság writes that the nuclear lobby hopes to see decommissioned nuclear power stations put back into operation as a result of the gas shortages. "In Slovakia it has already been decided that the fourth block of the Jaslovské Bohunice nuclear power plant is to be reopened, and in Bulgaria similar measures are in the pipeline. ... But we should bear in mind: We're talking about nuclear power plants that were closed down as a prerequisite for EU membership because they represented a high safety risk - and now a single week of gas shortages has sufficed to torpedo all the arguments and promises. ... As an energy source, nuclear energy is neither cheaper nor more reliable than gas, oil or wind. What's more, it's simply not true that it reduces dependency on other countries. Both Slovakia and Bulgaria purchase the heating rods for their nuclear power plants from Russia. Both countries return the used heating materials to their country of origin. This means that the degree of dependency is by no means lower than with gas."

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