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Dnevnik - Bulgaria | Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No one resigns in Bulgaria

The daily Dnevnik comments on the political situation in Belgium, where Prime Minister Yves Leterme has resigned after allegedly exerting influence on a court decision. In Bulgaria, according to the newspaper, a governmental crisis like this would have had a different outcome, particularly as it claims the Supreme Judicial Council, the equivalent of Belgium's supreme court, is not politically neutral: "The parliament has a quota of 11 people, three others are appointed by the president. This means that 14 of the 25 people [who make up the Council] - a secure majority - are closely linked to the government. We should not deceive ourselves that the conduct of the politicians would be different were the Supreme Judicial Council to have a different structure. . ... We have lost hundreds of millions and billions in EU funding, a minister met up with someone who is suspected of being involved in organised crime, another has a very dubious contract with Russia's Gazprom; people were burnt alive in a train and basically we're seeing one scandal and tragedy after another - and no one resigns."

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