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Die Welt - Germany | Thursday, November 27, 2008

Europe also works without a treaty

Europe can get by very well without a new treaty, writes the conservative paper Die Welt: "The Czech Constitutional Court judges' yes to the Treaty of Lisbon is an important stage victory for the new European Reform Treaty. But it's no more than that. Its opponents can go on bringing charges against it because the judges in Brno have only ruled on certain disputed points. ... The treaty has never been able to reach Europeans' hearts. It is a cold compilation, seen by many as the lap dog of elite Europe-enthusiasts. And it will never lose this tarnish - as long as it remains an issue, that is. And if it doesn't? Europe will just keep on going. Experience shows that good results can be had even under today's rules. We can cooperate more even without a new treaty. All this hue and cry about Europe's future has got to stop."

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