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Expresso - Portugal | Monday, September 22, 2008

Miguel Sousa Tavares on capatilist con artists

For the journalist and author Migual Sousa Tavares, capitalists and governments are to blame for the current financial crisis: "Who will pay for this? The taxpayers, and by that I mean those who work even though their salaries have not been paid, while top managers at the bankrupt Lehman Brothers receive millions for 'good management' or as a golden parachute after having pushed the company into a nose dive. For years the 'liberals' have been telling us how businesses ... must have unrestricted growth to reach a strategic size in the global economy. Governments did all they could to make this possible: mergers and takeovers were approved and facilitated, even if in this way competition - one of the pillars of the free market economy - was endangered and thousands of jobs jeopardised, as we are seeing now with the toppling of the American International Group. ... Marx said long ago that capitalism will devour itself if it is left to its own devices. What was lacking in this case? Morals on the part of the capitalists and a sense of duty on the part of those in power. ... In the Wild West those caught swindling were stripped naked, tarred and feathered and driven out of town. Today they get millions of dollars in compensation and scandalously high pensions."

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