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Pravda - Slovakia | Monday, September 15, 2008

Ban Hungarian from the streets?

According to a study by the private foundation Open Society Fund, 40 percent of eighth and ninth year pupils in Slovakia have a negative attitude towards Hungarian. 63 percent think members of the Hungarian minority should speak only Slovakian when on the street. The Hungarian minority accounts for ten percent of Slovakia's population. The liberal left-wing daily Pravda asks what the source of these "worrying views" among young people could be. "Is it owing to mistakes in our school education? Or are the politicians, who publicly insult the minority, to blame? The fact is that no one suffers because Hungarian is spoken on our streets. You only have to travel to Vienna to see how often you hear Turkish, Croat, and many other languages spoken on, for instance, the tram. Multi-culture lives from the diversity of languages."

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