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Expresso - Portugal | Monday, July 14, 2008

Heads of government at a loss

The state of the world is miserable and the European heads of state and government are at a loss over what to do about it, writes author Miguel Sousa Tavares in the weekly newspaper Expresso: "The price of crude oil is twice as high as it was a year ago; food prices ... have risen by 30 percent; the interest rate ... is higher than ever; ... unemployment is increasing and despite all that immigrants from Africa are intent on trying their luck in Europe, forcing Brussels to adopt inhuman directives. Iran is testing missiles ... and NATO is involved in an interminable war in Afghanistan. ... The giants of the East (India and China) are rapidly developing and the world's resources cannot keep pace. ... Thousands of hectares in the Amazon are being converted to soya crops, and fertile land in Africa is being used to grow monocultures for biofuels. The EU does not know what to do about Turkey, immigrants, the EU Reform Treaty, Ireland and Poland, or about an African continent where a criminal like Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe continues to be treated like a statesman. ... The sole foreign policy decision that the EU Commission has made was to acknowledge the independence of Kosovo - a move they will regret. ... This is the state of the world. ... And a couple of photos from the G8 summit was all that was needed to see that never before have such an incompetent group of leaders had to find solutions for so many serious problems."

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