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The Independent - United Kingdom | Monday, June 16, 2008

Anything goes in British politics

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown reports on an astonishing development in British politics. While the Labour Party is propagating authoritarian rule, she comments, the Conservatives are defending civil rights: "History will recall that when our liberties were at stake, when the guarantees of the Magna Carta were raided, then destroyed, in the name of those same guarantees, the Conservative leadership refused to play. Political lines and allegiances dissolve into each other as New Labour mutates into a fearful tyrant. ... The truth is that there are more visible and high-profile young black and Asians coming up in the Tory ranks than there are in New Labour today. ... The disintegration first of political ideology, moral vision, then established boundaries, and now fundamental doctrines governing state power, means we roam a free and fervid public space where, like in the blogosphere, anything goes."

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