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Woxx - Luxembourg | Thursday, March 27, 2008

Luc Caregari refuses to judge May 1968

For its 40th anniversary, journalist Luc Caregari reflects on the legacy of the May 1968 social movement. "At least one thing is clear: without May 68, we wouldn't be here now. The right to speak freely on a variety of subjects, from abortion to divorce and even the right to die with dignity dates from this time. This implies that those who wish to characterise May 68 as the source of all that is wrong today are hypocrites, like Sarkozy: without May 68, a twice-divorced president who has no trouble enjoying the company of a supermodel, would be impossible. It is therefore not May 68 which has aged poorly, but above all those who are still looking for a meaning, who want to update it at any price, regardless of whether they're for or against. Because we cannot be for or against an event in the past, we cannot even claim the right to definitively judge it."

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