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Woxx - Luxembourg | Friday, November 16, 2007

What will remain of Luxemburg's culture year?

Luc Caregari wonders what will remain of Luxemburg's stint as the European Capital of Culture 2007. "At issue is the future legacy of the Blue Stag [the nickname of Luxemburg's showcase year based on its logo] and what will remain of this effervescent year of events, of this culture carnival ... The Blue Stag year has been one hell of a carnival. For a whole year no expense has been spared for arts and culture - or what was thought to be arts and culture - and the most unlikely places have hosted a wide variety of artists. But what will remain of it all? Will 2007 fail where 1995 [Luxemburg's first year as European Capital of Culture] successfully created new long-lasting facilities? And if not, what facilities does Luxemburg need apart from a new opera house?"

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