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Polityka - Poland | Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The subjectivity of contemporary Polish culture

Contemporary Polish culture is developing at a rapid pace, Piotr Sarzyński notes. "Many critics claim this is no longer simply a movement but a full-blown earthquake. The 1990s were dominated by so-called critical art. It was serious and raised fundamental questions about physical and cultural identification. The new century is dominated by a type of art that is no longer so serious, an art that flirts with pop culture and takes an interest in lifestyles and in the possibilities (and limitations) of consumerism. But above all it feeds on the personal experiences of the artist - his problems, his contradictions, his stress or happiness. Art looks at reality and either ridicules it or calmly records it, but it doesn't analyse it. Art has switched to making subjective observations rather than giving objective accounts."

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