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Der Standard - Austria | Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Completely out of proportion

A debate about the fair distribution of wealth is needed, the centre-left daily Der Standard stresses: "Now it is nothing new that in capitalism, productively invested wealth, or in other words capital, creates more wealth, and so there is a natural tendency for the rich to get richer. That's why we have taxes - to balance this out. But the Oxfam data makes it clear that things have gotten completely out of proportion at the global level. The balancing systems are failing. Because most of the superrich haven't accumulated their wealth through dubious methods in some dictatorial country. On the contrary, these are people who are benefiting from the profits and increasing value of their investments, particularly in the financial sector. … So it's high time for a broad debate about fair distribution of wealth. The two central questions are: how to get rid of tax havens and how to tax wealth more fairly?"

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