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Novi list - Croatia | Monday, January 18, 2016

EU punishing Croatia for humane refugee policy

At the start of this week Austria and Slovenia announced plans to step up measures to turn back refugees who stand little chance of remaining in Europe at the Slovenian-Croatian border. This may mean Croatia unfairly becomes the country where refugees collect, the centre-left daily Novi List believes: "While all of Europe, above all the former communist countries, has been erecting fences and razor wire to defend themselves against the tide of refugees, collectively labelling war victims as terrorists and rapists, and on top of that now stripping them of their valuables to finance the costs they incur, there have been no such abominations in Croatia. The main reason for that lies with many Croatians' own experience as refugees. Croatia has shown a sense of humanity on behalf of the entire European Union, something the refugees themselves have continuously stressed. But these efforts have not been recognised by the EU, let alone by our European neighbours."

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