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Novi list - Croatia | Friday, January 15, 2016

Europe needs Poland

The centre-left daily Novi List explains all that is at stake for Europe in the controversy with Poland: "Europe must not lose Poland. And that's why Brussels can't afford to simply look on calmly as the anti-democratic virus spreads from Budapest to Warsaw. Because Poland is not Hungary. Poland, with its 40 million inhabitants, is the largest and most successful of the new EU member states, and with its constructive Europe policy it has taken the leading role in young Europe. For two decades the 'Weimar Triangle' in which Poland, Germany and France discuss and vote on their decisions regarding Europe has been in place. Poland is the most important state in the post-communist world, and too vital a state to be left in the grip of Polish ultra-nationalists who see in Brussels and Europe only what they once saw in Moscow."

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