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Adevârul - Romania | Friday, January 15, 2016

Germany is Europe's therapist

There's a psychological explanation for the gloating on the part of opponents of Germany's refugee policy over the events on New Year's Eve in Cologne, Eugen Hriscu writes on the blog portal of the conservative daily Adevârul: "The malicious glee on the part of some people is more than just satisfaction that their expectations have been fulfilled. It's a defence mechanism against the shame of looking in the mirror and seeing themselves as scared and narrow-minded while others demonstrate courage and generosity. It's a symptom of envy. ... The most bitter attacks a psychotherapist must withstand come from within: from his own fears and doubts, fatigue and envy, anger and revengefulness. In a figurative sense, these processes are taking place in Germany, the only 'therapist' that was ready to take on a patient refused by everyone else."

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