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Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | Saturday, January 9, 2016

Paris's passport withdrawal plan unconstitutional

It's absurd to want to strip those suspected of terrorism of their nationality, the centre-left daily Le Quotidien writes, commenting on the fact that the Paris attackers in January and November 2015 were French or EU citizens: "Since you can't do anything against someone who only has one passport, this lets terrorists who were born and raised in France off the hook. Our Corsican and Belgian friends remain free to go about their business: all this doesn't affect them. But those who are unlucky enough to have a second passport only have French citizenship on probation. This amounts to a two-speed citizenship that runs counter to the values of the republic and the constitution. ... And it shows how far removed the French government's enthusiasm for security is from reality. But of course it's always easier to announce such spectacular measures than to find real solutions to a very complex problem."

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