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Právo - Czech Republic | Monday, December 28, 2015

Berlin is Europe's only centre of power

Germany emerged from 2015, a difficult year for Europe, as the continent's only decisive power, the left-leaning daily Právo writes: "What with its economic woes and the threat to its domestic security, France's hands are tied. As for Britain, it's not even sure if it will stay in the EU. Consequently Germany is the only power respected by Washington on the one hand and Beijing and Moscow on the other. Certainly, Berlin knows that without the EU it would only be a second-rate player. So it's in its interest to maintain the project of European integration at any cost, no matter how expensive, painful and rife with conflict this may be. However Merkel's political fate and the conflict over refugees which is dividing Europe will be decided in Syria. Russia now influences European security through Syria, and cooperating with Moscow is like eating a sour apple. But the chancellor has no choice but to take a bite."

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