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Le Soir - Belgium | Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Frontex expansion is bureaucratic nonsense

It's outrageous that the EU Commission wants to reserve the right to decide whether a border protection force will be deployed to protect the EU's external border, the liberal daily Le Soir rails: "Unlike in the Eurozone, decisions on deployment would not be taken by the EU Council - that is by the states - but by the executive - the Commission - which cites a process of 'comitology' as the reason for proceeding this way. Make a note of this mumbo-jumbo: it describes what the European machine has created in terms of lack of transparency: committees made up of bureaucrats and experts sent by the member states whose addresses - and even the locations where they meet - are unknown, and who take numerous decisions endorsed by the Commission. Can it be that someone has a screw loose, offering the Eurosceptics the worst possible example for the transfer of sovereignty like this? ... An integrated, solid and credible Europe cannot be constructed behind the people's backs."

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