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Novi list - Croatia | Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Slovenians oppose barbed wire fence

The building of a barbed wire barrier on Slovenia's border with Croatia to prevent refugees from entering the country continues. The centre-left daily Novi list is happy about the resistance to the fence: "This crazy fence is meeting with more and more opposition from the Slovenians, from celebrities to anonymous citizens. This is particularly obvious since construction started in Istria and Kvarner where there is a special relationship between the people on each side of the border regardless of nationality and borderlines. This is why the barbed wire is seen as an act of hostility and aggression there. However this is not about hostile feelings among the Slovenian people, but about an act by Slovenia's political elite. … This time the Slovenians won't remain silent! Democratic and civilised Slovenia will let the government know that barbed wire on the border with Croatia is unacceptable and wrong."

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