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Savon Sanomat - Finland | Friday, December 11, 2015

Exodus to Europe: Don't put asylum seekers under general suspicion

Two Iraqis suspected of shooting eleven people for the IS in Iraq in 2014 were arrested on Tuesday in a refugee camp. The liberal daily Savon Sanomat warns against regarding all asylum seekers as terrorist suspects: "The people's worries that potential terrorists will come to Finland along with the refugees are justified. ... Nevertheless the arrests show that the police have the situation under control. ... Finns can be sure that the dangerous elements will be picked out from the large group of arrivals. ... The mass murder committed in Iraq is a serious crime against humanity. ... Nevertheless the debate on asylum must continue to be conducted sensibly. It is known that there are 300 people with ties to terrorists among the asylum seekers. Some of them came to Finland with evil intentions. But that is no reason to condemn the victims who are fleeing these very same individuals."

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