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De Standaard - Belgium | Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Victory has repercussions for all of Europe

The Front National's election victory will have consequences for all Europe, the liberal daily De Standaard predicts: "In France an era is drawing to an end in which the left and right kept each other in check in their struggle for power. … The consequences are tangible far beyond its borders. Europe is at a crossroads: further integration or fragmentation. And faced with these two options the EU is drifting towards the latter. … In their eagerness to save their own skins the leaders of the imperilled major parties once again threaten to disappear behind Europe's broad back. They are depicting the failure of the EU as something for which they themselves bear no responsibility, and thus giving legitimacy to their arch-enemy's thesis. In this way they are enhancing the illusion that withdrawing into one's own shell is a good response to the fear and anger of the lost voters."

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