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Hotnews - Romania | Monday, December 7, 2015

Hungarian Romanians need jobs and motorways

In the Romanian city of Târgu Secuiesc, a majority of whose inhabitants are of Hungarian descent, hundreds of people protested from Thursday to Saturday against the arrest of a Hungarian right-wing extremist accused of planning a bomb attack. The government must take swift action, the news website Hotnews urges: "In view of the growing tensions there is only one long-term solution: massive investments in the infrastructure of the counties of Harghita and Covasna [which are largely populated by Hungarian Romanians]. Roads and motorways must be built to put an end to the local population's isolation and poverty. ... The economy must be stimulated in these two districts through positive discrimination in budget policy. If the region can prosper economically, if the young people can find jobs and earn money - also by dealing with Romanians who would in this way have better access to these cities - the tensions and problems would resolve themselves and no one would pay any heed to separatist ideas."

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