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Avvenire - Italy | Thursday, December 3, 2015

US adding fuel to the fire

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Moscow last week described potential Nato membership for Montenegro as "another blow" to Nato-Russia relations. The step is indeed a provocation, the Catholic daily Avvenire agrees: "Can anyone perhaps explain the reasons for the US's inordinate tactical recklessness, political superficiality and stubborn superpower posturing? … To initiate membership proceedings for a Balkan state at this particular moment in time is to challenge Russia to launch an immediate and harsh counter-reaction. … Even if certain rules have been suspended in the asymmetrical game of risk in which Russia, Turkey, the US and Nato are involved in the seething arena of the IS militant organisation, the question remains: why add fuel to the fire now? Why overstep the borders with a gesture that to all appearances is a provocation vis-à-vis a partner, Putin, who is vital for resolving the conflict in the Middle East?"

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