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Ziare - Romania | Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New ministers exposed to bureaucracy sharks

The for the most part non-party affiliated technocrats in Dacian Cioloş' new government took office pledging to tackle the backlog of reforms needed in Romania. But the administration will block this initiative, the Bucharest-based website Ziare fears: "The fate of each minister, all off whom are liable to be caught up in a strudel of lies, red herrings and traps, depends on the competence and honesty of the skeleton of public servants that makes up each ministry. … They start off full of smiles and obligingness, at first glance eager to support the reform efforts. But they are sharks. Their survival instinct is greater than that of their ministers and for them reforms and a new style of working represent mortal dangers that must be nipped in the bud. A silent power struggle is about to begin: will the ministers be able to control and reform their houses effectively or will they be paralysed by bureaucracy?"

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