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Expresso - Portugal | Saturday, November 28, 2015

Daniel Oliveira on terror hysteria in Europe

Since the Paris attacks a security hysteria has taken hold in Europe, columnist Daniel Oliveira observes in the liberal weekly Expresso and warns of the consequences: "I can't remember any city in the US looking after 9/11 like Brussels looks these days. The climate of hysteria in Europe perfectly reflects its political weakness. The EU member states are caught up in a seemingly endless race with each other on security policy - because there seems to be no one in either the opposition or in civil society capable of conducting a sensible debate on this issue. The media massacre that has gone on for 15 days now is preventing such a debate. No one is stopping to think; and amidst all the emotion and fear those who do don't say what they really think out of fear. … It was in just such a climate that the Guantánamo prison camp where highly illegal detainments were carried out was set up, in which allies were spied on and the Patriot Act approved - and in which the chaos was planted in Iraq that made the birth and growth of the IS at all possible."

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