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De Standaard - Belgium | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mutual recriminations in Belgium are pointless

The trail left by those who carried out the attacks in Paris has led to the Brussels district of Molenbeek. A dispute has now broken out in Belgium over who was responsible for the district's decline and the ensuing radicalisation of its predominantly Muslim youth. There's no point shuffling the blame back and forth, the liberal daily De Standaard warns: "This lamentable spectacle does nothing to help a society in shock. ... If we don't know how decisive the political mistakes in Molenbeek or higher up were, we can't be sure that the steps being taken to counter radicalism elsewhere will prevent further attacks. ... The unsettled population understands that no one can guarantee absolute security. But the people do expect that everyone in a position of responsibility will now draw the right conclusions. We're not powerless against this enemy. But we cannot allow ourselves to get bogged down in domestic quarrels."

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