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Newsweek Polska - Poland | Monday, November 16, 2015

Exodus to Europe: Poland's government abusing tragedy in Paris

In response to the attacks in Paris, Poland's new European Affairs Minister Konrad Szymański has said the country will not accept the EU quotas for the distribution of refugees. Such behaviour will only harm the country, the liberal news magazine Newsweek Polska writes in dismay: "Szymański's words give the impression that the new Polish government is perfidiously trying to use the tragedy in Paris to achieve its own political goals. That means it wants to seal the country off to all refugees, who supposedly all represent a threat. Interestingly, not even Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán, who is considered Europe's enfant terrible when it comes to refugees, has gone as far as that. ... Of course the EU won't immediately break apart if the new government really does stick to its guns. But we must reckon with legal - and political consequences. The EU could bring disciplinary proceedings against Poland."

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