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Hotnews - Romania | Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ciolos would be too good as Romanian PM

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday proposed the independent Dacian Ciolos as the country's new prime minister following the resignation of Victor Ponta. The news portal Hotnews is enthusiastic about the former EU commissioner but doubts that parliament will support him: "Ciolos's advantages are plain for all to see: his professionalism, his honesty and the management capabilities which he has already demonstrated in positions of responsibility. However these qualities also make him vulnerable. He's a technocrat, unpopular among the parties, and a complete loner when it comes to the game of politics. The parties will quickly attempt to make him more malleable. Ciolos wants to form his cabinet on his own. But it's hard to imagine that the parties in parliament will accept not being able to put forward a single minister. If Ciolos gambles everything on a single card he risks getting no support from parliament. Or if he does get some support, he risks being subjected to continual sabotage by a hostile parliament."

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