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Ouest France - France | Sunday, November 8, 2015

Exodus to Europe: France unattractive for immigrants

The number of immigrants to France has remained relatively stable for years, according to the country's national institute of statistics Insee. That's because France is increasingly unattractive for migrants, the regional paper Ouest-France writes, comparing the situation of immigrants to France with that of French emigrants abroad: "Have you ever heard of French emigrants being subject to racism? Do these two and a half million souls send back stories of woe from their new homes? Are these economic migrants treated like criminals abroad? Are the police sent to meet them when they get off the train? Are they housed in camps? Or put under quarantine? Is their desire for social success so pronounced that their hosts view them as predators? ... Is there talk of introducing quotas for Bretons or Corsicans in the streets of Manhattan? Let's not do to others what we would not like them to do to us."

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