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Avvenire - Italy | Friday, November 6, 2015

Propaganda war between US and Russia

The row over what caused the plane to crash is allowing the tragedy to be used for propaganda purposes, writes the Catholic daily Avvenire in outrage: "The poor victims have become hostages in the crossfire of propaganda, the pawns in an international political game that knows no scruples or compassion. Russia and Egypt have improved their relations in recent years. … The Moscow-Cairo axis is a thorn in the side of the US because it is intervening in the Middle East with the total freedom of manoeuvre that the White House sees as an incontestable US prerogative. But should the theory of the attack be confirmed, we can be sure that Russia and Putin's Kremlin will be in neither the political position nor the mood to tolerate a bloodbath like that on the Sinai Peninsula without retaliating. The only one who at least at first glance seems to have emerged strengthened from this terrible chapter of horror is Syrian ruler Assad. That should give us pause for thought."

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