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Avvenire - Italy | Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Turkish president has EU over a barrel

Under pressure from the refugee crisis the EU will make further concessions to President Erdoğan, the Catholic daily Avvenire predicts: "Brussels knows that Erdoğan will soon bring his set of conditions into play: billions in aid, visa-free travel, accelerating the EU membership talks which have stalled on many chapters for some months now. And he will make his response to the more than two million Syrian and Afghan refugees currently parked in Turkey dependent on the EU's conduct. … Europe's leaders, and above all Angela Merkel, know this only too well. Whether he keeps them in the country, allows them to leave or drives them in masses towards Greece's borders and the islands in the Aegean: in its desperate desire for stability Europe will turn a blind eye or even two blind eyes to the president's despotism."

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