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The Independent - United Kingdom | Monday, November 2, 2015

Merkel's era drawing to an end

After ten years in office it's time for German Chancellor Angela Merkel to bow out, the centre-left daily The Independent concludes, suspecting that the refugee crisis may be her downfall: "Suddenly, instead of barking orders to Europe, she is begging other states to share the burden of her emotional response to the migrant crisis. … The crisis in Germany may well become to Merkel what the poll tax was to Margaret Thatcher - the moment when a previously dominant leader totters on the unshakeable plinth. Merkel may now be entering the Auf Wiedersehen zone, as history has shown that there is no dominant European leader who has gone beyond ten years in office without the situation turning sour. … If Mrs. Merkel believes she is indispensable and goes on into a second decade of power, prepare for disappointment."

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