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Corriere della Sera - Italy | Monday, October 26, 2015

An all too European discontent

The Eurosceptics have scored another victory - and in a country that once swore by the EU, the centre-right daily Corriere della Sera complains: "After Poland eagerly picked up the threads of Central European culture and freed itself from the historic threat posed by its Russian neighbours, its fast-paced EU accession was a major success story. For eight years in a row its economy grew and the unemployment rate was low (8.6 percent), and it was in a position to attract investments and European funds and spend them. … But for the Poles progress counts less than broken promises and unresolved problems: lower wages than the EU average, temporary employment contracts for the young, the backwardness of large swathes of the country. And on the banks of the Vistula River too, people are starting to believe that European integration means the poor competing with each other and the end of centuries-old traditions. Polish society shares the discontent of the new and the disenchantment of the old Europeans."

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