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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | Friday, October 9, 2015

Exodus to Europe: Bulgaria ready for Schengen membership

In view of the high numbers of refugees on the border between Turkey and Bulgaria the daily newspaper 24 Chasa calls on the EU states to finally allow Bulgaria to join the Schengen Area: "Bulgaria is right at the front line for the thousands of refugees and Brussels doesn't have the right to doubt this or play it down. On the one hand we are making a huge effort to fulfil all Schengen requirements. On the other hand we aren't given any access to Schengen information systems. If we were allowed to join the Schengen zone we could do much more to secure the EU's external borders. It's high time the EU ended this contradictory situation and let Bulgaria join the Schengen Area - not just out of goodwill but because Bulgaria is achieving good results in the fight against human trafficking and goods smuggling."

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