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Avvenire - Italy | Wednesday, October 7, 2015

EU now needs joint data protection rules

It is right to protect users, the Catholic daily Avvenire writes commenting on the ECJ ruling, but adds that it would be better if a standardised set of EU data protection rules was worked out rather than leaving it to individual states to come up with their own rules: "The ruling is good news. It carries just one risk. That Europe fails to create a joint policy for protecting digital data and instead allows each country to go its own way - to the detriment of their partners. … Imagine if all Europe were to ban Google, Facebook, Twitter and all the other companies that control the web from using our data commercially. … That would be a revolution with unimaginable consequences in today's digital world based on a powerful oligarchy. Because data is the real money on the Internet. If it is taken away many of the giants would no longer be giants. And the US, which is no longer the only and undisputed global power, would also no longer be at the centre of the digital world."

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