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Novinar - Bulgaria | Thursday, September 24, 2015

Embarassing start to Tsipras's second term

Just a few hours after Alexis Tsipras was sworn in as Greek prime minister on Wednesday the deputy minister of infrastructure Dimitris Kammenos tended his resignation. He had come under fire for comparing the creditors' austerity demands with Auschwitz on Facebook. Why did Tsipras appoint Kammennos to his cabinet in the first place? the daily newspaper Novinar wonders: "Although he was only a deputy minister it makes you doubt that the new Greek government is competent and capable of saving Athens from economic collapse. Is Tsipras really capable of correcting the mistakes of his first term in office, as he promised voters he would do, or will he mess up once again? There is too much at stake for the Greek people for the government to make any careless mistakes. The huge debt burden and the floundering banks mean the ship is still in danger of sinking."

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