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Newsweek Polska - Poland | Thursday, September 24, 2015

Russians don't want military intervention in Syria

According to media reports Russia is sending combat jets to Syria. The news magazine Spiegel Online on Wednesday quoted a Russian military expert as saying that the move comes in preparation for a ground offensive against the IS terrorist organisation. The liberal news magazine Newsweek Polska has its doubts: "It's clear that major losses are out of the question for the Russians. Hushed-up deaths in the Donbass conflict have caused a storm of outrage in Russia. And many Russians have no understanding whatsoever for this exotic war. Because it doesn't fit in with Putin's imperial ambitions and his tussles with the West. In this case not even nationalist propaganda can help. ... For these reasons only a limited, one-off operation with a lot of media hype is in the cards. Only quick land manoeuvres of the type seen in the first phase of the Donbass war - when the 'green men' suddenly appeared - would be acceptable."

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