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Die Presse - Austria | Friday, September 18, 2015

Greek crisis is no big deal

Compared with the refugee crisis the problems Greece faces seem insignificant, the conservative daily Die Presse writes: "Today we look with relative equanimity at a problem that is basically 'just' about money. ... And - also due to the more urgent problems at hand - we've accepted the fact that in the case of Greece what we're dealing with is permanent subsidies. At some point that won't even bother us anymore. The way no one's bothered anymore by agricultural subsidies amounting to 60 billion euros per year. Greece will remain an economic policy rounding error. Many people fear that with the 'aid' for Greece, the EU has taken the decisive step towards a transfer union. As it seems, nothing will come of this fear either. It has long been clear that the biggest social and economic challenges facing Europe lie outside of Europe."

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