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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Assad clearly the lesser evil

Europe must back Assad's war against the IS militarily if it wants to stop the flood of Syrian refugees, the daily 24 Chasa contends: "Regardless of whether he's good or evil, Assad is the only one who can establish a centrally administrated secular state. At the moment half the population lives in areas controlled by him, because they've chosen to side with the lesser evil. Assad is also the only one who can live in peace with the roughly two million Kurds. ... What would happen if his army suddenly gave up? In no time at all the cutthroats from the IS and al-Nusra would come and kill all the Christians and Shiites, after which they'd take their revenge on the Sunnis who cooperated with Satan. ... If Europe wants to prevent the refugee tsunami that would ensue, it will have to make the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia reconsider their policies in the region."

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