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Expresso - Portugal | Saturday, September 12, 2015

Putin using Syria to get back in the limelight

According to media reports Russia is giving Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad military support and calling for an anti-terror alliance against the IS that includes Damascus. The liberal weekly Expresso sees Vladimir Putin acting purely in his own interests: "The Kremlin must find a way to reposition itself vis-à-vis the governments and societies of Europe and the US. The Syrians' exodus therefore represents a great opportunity for Putin. The IS militia has been so successful that no one remembers any more that Bashar al-Assad has killed more people than the Sunni groups. Public opinion in Europe overwhelmingly sees the IS as the only enemy. But since no one is ready to intervene militarily, Putin is offering his 'services' to the EU and US in forging a new alliance against the Sunni terrorism. This is also one of the reasons why Putin will be present at the UN General Assembly this year after ten years of absence."

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