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Die Presse - Austria | Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Europe becoming a "failed union"

In the economic crisis, as in the refugee crisis, the member states simply disregard the EU treaties whenever it suits them, the centre-right daily Die Presse complains: "The past days have made it drastically clear that this attitude of 'What do I care about treaties I signed in the past?' is by no means limited to the economic sphere. The protection of the external borders stipulated in the Schengen Agreement? The registration of asylum seekers in the first EU country they reach set down in the Dublin Regulation? What to do when countries don't play along? Sorry, but nothing will come of that. A community that fails to take its own treaties seriously is on its way to becoming a 'failed union'. Even die-hard Europeans couldn't have imagined in their worst nightmares that politicians could botch up such a good idea as a united Europe."

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