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24 Chasa - Bulgaria | Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The end of Schengen will be the end of the EU

Since the attack, averted just in time, in the Thalys express train from Amsterdam to Paris politicians have been discussing whether or not to reintroduce border controls within the Schengen area. That would be fatal for the EU, according to the daily newspaper 24 Chasa: "Discontinuation of the Schengen Agreement would have many very serious and dangerous consequences. First of all, the UK would use it to limit the entry of people from Eastern Europe to the country. London has already been trying to do this for a long time, but is only hesitating because of resistance from Germany. Without free movement of goods and people, the greatest advantage of EU membership would be lost for the new EU countries, including Bulgaria. … In the older EU countries, it would also have serious economic consequences. Generally, it would mean the beginning of the end of the EU."

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