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Népszabadság - Hungary | Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Germany's refugee policy exemplary

As far as refugee policy is concerned Europe should follow Germany's example, urges the centre-left daily Népszabadság: "We should take note of the tone the German politicians are adopting when talking about the refugees. Naturally, they too realise that they can't take in 800,000 people or more. But those refugees they are able and obliged to take in, they receive with open arms. This reflects the sense of historic responsibility to which the Federal Republic of Germany is committed: the conviction that the unified Germany is an open and integration-friendly country. … When it comes to the refugee crisis, Europe has no choice but to go along with what the Germans want, namely a standardised system of rules and the introduction of binding quotas. Berlin is clearly beginning to understand that the present crisis is putting a fundamental EU value to the test: solidarity."

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