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Politiken - Denmark | Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Denmark needs fast trains and psychologists

The plans of Denmark's liberal government to shift government institutions from Copenhagen to other parts of the country in a bid to stop rural exodus have triggered a fierce debate. A hysterical debate that needs to be put on the right track again, the centre-left daily Politiken believes: "The residents of Copenhagen are suffering from a nature phobia; the rural areas are suffering from envy. … If the train system worked - in the early mornings as well as after the last film or the last beer - the Copenhageners would have less reason to be afraid of taking on a job outside the city, and the rural population wouldn't be so envious. In a modern country people can choose for themselves when it comes to their job and where they live. … The problem is the bad train connections. If they worked properly then a few psychologists could solve the other problems - both in Copenhagen and in the rural areas."

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