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Právo - Czech Republic | Monday, August 24, 2015

Macedonia migrant drama a disgrace for Europe

Macedonia has declared a state of emergency due to the influx of thousands of refugees into the country. The country had previously blocked its border with Greece for several days and then reopened it. The situation will no doubt be a prelude to other dramas, complains the left-wing daily Právo: "It is uncertain whether Macedonian head of government Nikola Gruevski's appeal to Europe to finally address the problem will be heard in Brussels, where the politicians are on holiday. The refugee problem makes explicit that, unlike in the past, Europe's nation states are no longer able to guarantee the security of their territory and their inhabitants. Desperate actions like the fence on the Hungarian border certainly won't solve the problem. Up to now, neither the European Commission nor Europe's leading politicians have taken any steps towards a joint migration policy or joint protection of the external borders of the EU. But time may be running out now. It's a disgrace for Europe that the prime minister of little Macedonia had to be the one to point this out."

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